Murder Mystery Parties

Are you tired of the same dreary Entertainment at your Office Party, your Team Building Event, your Holiday Get Togethers?

Why not try a Murder Mystery Game from Murder InKorporated!? It's like the Board Game Clue (tm), but played with real people. It's fun, it's easy, it's mysterious. It's a web of deception and intrigue. There is one among you who is the killer. Will it be you or someone you know? You will have to examine your clues closely! You may be the only one to solve the mystery!

The only way to be sure is to play this high stakes game as if your life depends on it!

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About the "Home" Game!

To play one of our Murder Mysteries requires no special props or acting abilities, just a willingness to have fun and immerse yourself in the character. Your guests do not need to study or memorize any scripts or other information about the scenario. Each Murder scenario is tailored to your individual needs and a personalized package is created for your group.
The Game is designed so that the individuals who are playing will mingle around asking questions about each other's character, and perhaps, about any other information that the players may have gathered so far. As the Game progresses each player will gather more and more information, and at the end of the allotted time they need to sift through what they think is fact, and what they think is fiction - to make their choice on who they think the true murderer is.
If you have prospective guests who are a bit timid or perhaps a bit reluctant, you can reassure them that they can play their Character as passive as they like. They can sit on the couch and let people come to them, approach each character off to the side or they can even just listen in on other conversations until they get their feet wet and are feeling a bit more comfortable.
Each game takes approximately 1 1/2 to 2 1/2 hrs, depending on the number of people playing. Your Group can come dressed up as their character or not, as they wish. We package the Game differently to suit either possibility.
Each game consists of: a Guest List, Rules Sheet, Solution envelope, and the character roles and clues for each of the individuals that will be playing. When you get the package, you just need to hand out the envelopes to your guests. The Host or Facilitator for the party will be able to play as well. They will not know any more about the Mystery than anyone else.


Selected Scenarios

The Dead Don (Most Popular)

You and your friends will attend the social event of the year at the Corlione estate. Carmine Corlione is the well known Mafia kingpin. There will be several powerful people in attendance, all of them with more than just partying on their minds!

Man Overboard

Ready for some fun on the waves? You will be attending a party on board the luxurious cruise ship Titanica, owned by Ellison Barry. This event will be held in the main ballroom, where the Captain (Barry), with some help, may go down with his ship!

The Party's Over

Jonathon Taylor is having a partaaay! And you've been invited! Of course you graciously accept the invitation, for Taylor is a powerful businessman. Besides it might allow you the opportunity to get close to him for some personal business of your own, like maybe a bullet in the back!

Cash in Your Bond

Bond Studios is one of the most famous and profitable production facilities in the country. Of course, all that wealth was made from the backs of people hired by Barbara Bond (or blackmailed into working!) to run things. She has just called for a staff meeting. Well, you have decided tonight may be the last night of the rest of her life!

Of course, any scenario you can think of can be created. Just let us know!

The Answers!

Game - Physical Media

Cost is $12.50 per person, plus $10.00 shipping in the Continental U.S.

There is no maximum number of players, but there is a minimum of twelve required

The Host (or Hostess) can either play the Game, or be the Facilitator

Costume is optional, but it is fun to have someone outside the group dress up as the Dead Guy

Any age can play, however children below 13 tend to lose interest

There is no problem if the Men outnumber the Women, or vice versa

Game - PDF

Cost is $10.00 per person

Because the PDF requires printing and distribution of the various papers that are required to play the Game, it is recommended that this person only be the Facilitator

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